Why knowing that you are awesome is so important!

Have you thought about how awesome you are lately? Or better yet, do you routinely take time to think about the fact that you are awesome? If so, GREAT! If not, why? And are you willing to start making that a part of your daily practice.

Recently, I had gotten away from journaling consistently but now I’m getting back into it and I thought that using a tool that asks you to acknowledge and document your awesomeness on a daily basis would be a great tool to use for that!

One thing that I was reminded of lately is how people who are truly awesome are also ones who are on a constant journey of self-discovery, personal growth and eventually transcendence. Practicing how to determine and then acknowledge growth opportunities in a way that is healthy is a key part of this journey. Far too often, humans fall prey to the belief that because they have areas of growth or just aren’t good at certain things (and never will be) that they are somehow deficient or less than or unworthy. This negative way of looking at ourselves is counterproductive and can place us on a journey of self-doubt that can be very difficult to get off of.

Part of my daily self-care practice is to start off the day with meditating on things that I am great at, how I define myself and quite frankly, the things that I love about myself. Those things have to do with the person that I am (supportive, motivated, passionate, giving, compassionate and more) and NOT my “talents”. It is important for me to focus on the things that make me feel the best about myself and my place in and how I show up in this world for and with others.

Starting off each day with a focus on what I love about myself naturally feeds my strong sense of self-love but what it has also done over the years is increase my self-confidence and helped me develop VERY thick skin. This has in turn helped me not to slip into a practice of negative self-talk and it has helped when people and industries (like the media) have tried, without let-up to diminish me.

So I ask you, each and every one of you, to take some time each day to think about how awesome you are, have a healthy relationship with your thoughts of personal
growth opportunities and celebrate YOU as much as you possibly can!