FREE Personal Financial Management 30-Minute One-on-One Appointments for Teens and Adults of Every Age and Every Income Level!

Break free from financial worries, set yourself up for success and enjoy financial security with a simple, easy to follow system!

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DURING THIS FREE 30-Minute One-on-One Appointment YOU WILL DISCOVER:

  • 1

    Hear how our family used our simple system across generations to achieve financial security (from young children to seniors)

  • 2

    Learn several PRACTICAL steps to achieve your own personal financial management

  • 3

    Understand where you are NOW in your financial journey so that you can make the most effective money management plan moving forward

  • 4

    Learn the difference between saving and redirecting and when to use each method

  • 5

    Transform the way you think about your personal finances and work toward ensuring financial security


Nakeesa Frazier Jennings

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WARNING:  We only have a few spots left this month  still available and those last few spaces will fill up fast so register now to avoid missing out.  This 30-minute one-on-one appointments is packed with high quality content and will these appointments fill up fast!

Dad and Daughter Duo, Jennstalk will bring this personal financial management system to you!  

Dad, Leslie,  is a Black man, who had many odds stacked against him (grew up poor, single Mom, Black male, Mom died when he was young, no generational wealth in his family to rely on, no network created by his parents, and more) yet he created a simple system during his twenties that has worked for him, our family, friends and many others in our community for decades.

Daughter, Nakeesa, is  a community volunteer working with various groups on matters of race and social justice, personal growth and development for at-risk youth,  immigrant/refugee rights as well as a freelance writer often using the written word to shed light on the many issues faced by people of color and other marginalized communities.  Nakeesa learned everything she knows about how to manage her personal finances from her Dad from what to do and what not to do from her first kiddie savings account to buying her first home.

Both Dad and Daughter have a passion for sharing their simple money management techniques with people from all income levels which a passion for to help people who don’t currently or have not historically had access to financial management resources.

No matter what your income level, almost everyone can learn something from their system that can be used in their personal money management journey.

Are you ready to learn how to ensure  your financial security for today, tomorrow and the future!!!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you