Society’s goal is to separate you from your money and your goal should be to keep as much of it as you can!” ~Leslie Hailstalk (My Dad)

When I was six years old, my mom married my Stepdad.  From day one, even before they got married, he became my Dad and he gave me everything that a Dad should give a daughter…love, a strong foundation, protection, stability and guidance.  One of the most beneficial types of guidance he provided me was not only how to use money but also how to think about money.  From the time that I was six or seven, I had a bank account and by the time I was eight years old, my Dad gave me small money-related “projects” or decisions to make.  These projects and decisions increased as the years went by and though always age-appropriate, the challenge was always what I needed to help me learn what I should be doing with my money and how I should look at money.  The role that money plays in each of our lives is huge.  Regardless of whether you have a lot of money, have just enough money or hardly any money at all, in this society, how much money you have does not remove the fact that it plays a huge role in every one of our lives.

I had dinner with a group of friends not too long ago and we went around the table, each sharing one or more life lessons that our parents taught us during our childhood.  The thing that always comes up first for me when I think about this is what my Dad taught me about money.  So, I shared this with my friends and it was decided then and there that I had to convince my Dad to share his knowledge with the world!  Fast forward to today, my Dad and I are partnering to bring YOU our financial coaching services – Make the Most of Your Income – A Practical Approach from our new business, Jennstalk!

Our system, provides a guide full of easy to follow tips on how to not only manage and use your money but ultimately how to look at money.  In order to give people a look into what they can expect from our in-depth, personalized coaching services, we are offering a FREE introductory 30 minute session via video chat or by phone!  You can sign-up to have a session with us here:

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Dad, brother and me at Disney World in 1984


Leslie Hailstalk aka Dad

Leslie Hailstalk was born in the 1940s, part of the Greatest Generation, a Black man whose parents were of limited financial means.  At 8 years old, he lived in a one room “apartment” in a New York City brownstone with just a kitchenette and no bathroom.  During this time, life was tough, with no private bathroom Leslie had to wash-up in the kitchen and at night, with no bed to call his own, he slept in two arm chairs with a board between them.   By the age of 12, he looked around at his surroundings and decided that there had to be a better way to live than having to heat up water on the stove to bathe and having to endure living in an environment with rats, mice and roaches.  Fast forward a few years, Leslie had two unsuccessful years at Howard University and then went to electronic school financing his education by working part-time and going to school 5 hours a day.  After that, Leslie went to school for four years at night earning a Bachelor of Science in Computer Programming while working full-time during the day (financing his own education with no student loans).  Around this time, Leslie began to think about how he, as a person of color in this country, his parents and their parents before them didn’t have access to information about personal money management.  Well there were things that Leslie wanted in his life, basic things that everyone in this country was told that they should enjoy – a house, a car, periodic vacations and financial security.  So, he decided to find out how he could have those things in life by educating himself through research and over the years developed a very simple system that allowed him to have the life that he wanted for himself and his family.

At his first job, as a computer repairperson, he made $110 dollars per week.  His employer had a U.S. Savings Bond program that allowed employees to have money deducted from their paychecks each week.  Leslie had $6.25 taken out of his paycheck each week and every three weeks, having only paid $18.75 into the program, he would get a $25.00 bond.  This was the start to Leslie’s interest in personal financial management, using what he made to create savings for himself.  By the age of 23 using the few simple financial management practices that he learned through a mixture of research and basic logic, he was able to purchase his first home, a three story, three-bedroom, all-brick townhouse.

Over the years, Leslie has owned several homes and today, as a retiree, he owns his home outright and has zero debt.  But what is most remarkable is that he has managed to do this with never having made over $50,000 per year in all the years he worked even enduring a couple of layoffs during his career.  Leslie raised a family of four and he taught his children his method so that they too, could know how to live a life free of debt, be prepared for the inevitable expenses in life like car repairs, unplanned medical expenses, etc. as well as enjoy periodic extras like concerts, outings, vacations and more.  “Most people know what their income is but don’t know where it is going!” which is why he wants to share the tips, advice and easy to follow system with you too!

NaKeesa Frazier-Jennings aka Daughter

NaKeesa Frazier-Jennings is a longtime Seattle area resident originally from the Washington, DC area.  NaKeesa has always been a strong advocate for race and social justice in both her personal and professional lives often using the written word to shed light on the many issues faced by people of color and other marginalized communities.  NaKeesa grew up in a solidly middle-class family and was fortunate enough to learn from her Dad what to do and what not to do when it came to money.  From kiddie savings accounts to buying her first home, she has been able to rely on the lessons, tips and advice that she learned from her Dad.  Now, she is thrilled to be able to partner with her Dad to bring their system to all who need it especially those who have historically been kept from learning about simple money management techniques that would help to provide themselves with a secure future as well as avoid many pitfalls particularly from predatory lenders, high interest rate loans and credit cards and many habits that prevent people from keeping as much of the money that they make as possible.  NaKeesa enjoys reading, writing, outdoor (easy) hikes and spending quality time with family and friends.